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-----------BIO --- Rinsse is an industrial jazz collective/cyber punk band founded in 2016 by producers and multi-instrumentalists Josh Brown and Burnet207. They've made albums such as Hot Doctor, Duende (released on Always Human Tapes), Waves of the Futures, Rinsse with Mike Clark featuring drummer Mike Clark (from Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, Brand X, and more legendary groups), Sight Unseen, and recently released Ramblin'/Gamblin' (featuring Adrian Knight of Blue Jazz TV and Karl Tebeest of Weakwick/Sarah Johnson) a full length video album on Thanksgiving of 2021. Two additional Rinsse albums are in production, the hard nosed, progressive thrash guitar work of "Rinsse With Two Ss" and an electronic, party rock opera "Punter's Paradise". The band has already accumulated a wide video library with video work by Burnet207, "Midnight" Matt Burrell, Joe Berns, and Josh Brown. ------------------------------------------

Rinsse with Mike Clark - Uh Way Better (from Rinsse with Mike Clark)

Rinsse - Kornfeld (from Sight Unseen)

Rinsse - Scenes from Hell (from Sight Unseen)

Rinsse - B5aeroplanecamelrun (from Duende)

Rinsse - Another Debate 2 (from Waves of the Futures)

Rinsse - B4uuuuuuu (from Duende)

Rinsse - B1oysterbeat99 (from Duende)

Rinsse - B3Copy Boff03 (from Duende)